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Nuarro Foundation: Advancing Marine Science and Conservation


Nuarro Foundation, evolving from the values of Nuarro Lodge, focuses on pioneering initiatives in marine conservation, scientific research, and community engagement.

While we continue to welcome eco-conscious tourists to support our funding, our core mission is centered around impactful environmental and social projects.

In close collaboration with the local community, we have established a no-take marine protected area to safeguard our vibrant coral reefs and the diverse marine life they support.

This reserve, located in front of our lodge, plays a critical role in our conservation efforts, helping to maintain biodiversity and a healthy nursery area, supporting local fisheries, while also offering a living laboratory for marine studies.

Nudibranchs of Nuarro

What are nudibranchs, you may ask?

Nudibranchs, sometimes referred to as sea slugs, are a type of shell-less marine mollusc. The term “nudibranch” translates to “naked gill,” highlighting the external gill structures on their soft bodies.

While the word “slugs” might evoke negative connotations, nudibranchs (pronounced ‘noo-dee-branks) are celebrated for their incredible diversity and striking beauty with incredible colour combinations and patterns from a psychedelic dream.

Nudibranchs are gastropod molluscs. Now, go to Google and be amazed!

Our Goal

What’s The Plan?


Our goal is to serve as a hub for cutting-edge marine research and conservation projects in the north of Mozambique. We have supported scientific research on nudibranchs, which led to the discovery of the world’s largest nudibranch, the giant Spanish Dancer (Hexabranchus giganteus) and our very own nudibranch: Halgerda nuarrensis.

In the past years, we also welcomed researchers conducting coral recruitment experiments and assessment of top predators using BRUVs

Reefs of Hope

Nuarro is located at one of the world’s deepest natural harbors and the planet’s second-most biodiverse coral reef.

This unique setting, characterized by drop-off reef formations coupled with upwelling currents, offers thermal protection to the reefs, branding them as “reefs of hope”.

The reefs are easily accessible from the shore, providing a prime base for comprehensive studies on complex reef systems and their reactions to environmental stressors.

The combination of our strategic location, robust infrastructure, and direct reef access positions Nuarro as an ideal venue for conducting research on global changes and exploring the rich marine biodiversity of the Indian Ocean.


Nuarro Foundation has signed partnerships with local NGOs and Universities to support national biology students in conducting their own research projects. This collaboration not only bolsters our research capabilities but also provides students
with invaluable, hands-on experience in marine science.

We are keen to expand our network and invite international universities to join us in this journey of capacity building and scientific advancement. Together, we can deepen our understanding of marine ecosystems and foster a new generation of marine scientists.

Join us in fostering a sustainable future for our oceans and communities.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela

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