Learn to speak whale


We know there is magic beneath the surface of the ocean, but Nuarro has tapped into the wonders that lie above as well… You’re going to want to stay a while!

In our beautiful, calm bay, immerse yourself in a snorkelling experience which will introduce you to the breathtaking biodiversity thriving beneath the surface.

Step back in time as you sail forward with little breezes filling the sail of the dhow, a cold drink in one hand and the other trailing lazily through the water…

The perfect way to fully immerse yourself in the wonders of the shoreline and the mangroves…it’s time to go kayaking.

Every year from June to November, we are graced with the presence of the magnificent humpback whales on their journey north…


Nuarro is the only place in Mozambique where you can walk straight into the ocean from the beach and, in a few flicks of your fins, be on a magnificent reef perched on the edge of the continental shelf. Ideal for both snorkelling fundis and beginners!

Our protected bay is a dream for snorkelers of all ages! Explore an ocean-life paradise with beautiful coral reef just a short distance from the lodge. Our most popular snorkel reef is Fish Alley, with a depth range between 3 to 30m (in places sheer wall drops to 60m+). This makes for the perfect conditions for all levels of snorkelers and freedivers.


The shallowest part of the reef has a little bit of everything – coral bommies, sea grass and the top of the wall. Coral bommies offer a plethora of colours with a “neighbourhood” full of residents to see, including garden eels, cowries, ribbon eels, gobies, sand perches, mullets and puffers. You also have the option of heading out by boat to discover reefs nearby.

Dhow Sailing…

The dhow is a traditional boat of Arabic origins (in Mozambique), used by local residents for transporting goods and for fishing in the bay.

Pack some sundowners and snacks and set sail in a beautiful handcrafted local dhow. It is best that a booking is made for this prior to your arrival, or at least with 24 hours notice at the lodge, as we do not have our own dhow and prefer to support the local community which takes some time to arrange.

A sailing trip on this elegant wooden boat is an experience that all guests visiting Mozambique should have!


The sea kayaking activity in the bay is simply spectacular. Visit pristine beaches situated between majestic rock formations with shallow caves to explore, be blown away by the sheer majesty of baobab trees marching along the shoreline and let’s not forget our guests’ favourite kayaking adventure – a paddle through the mangroves. An experience never to be forgotten!

Some guests have had some wonderful dolphin (and even whale) interactions on our sea kayaks in the past, so try your luck!

Nuarro offers guided tours through the mangroves. The mangrove trip departs by boat, which takes around 20 minutes to the entrance of the mangrove, where you’ll slip into the stillness for around 30-45 minutes. The tour can only be done between the tides to be able to see crabs, mudskippers and some birds, like the kingfisher.
Enjoy the peace, the quiet, the birds, and nothing but nature. Bring some snorkel gear along and see the fascinating underside of a mangrove.
And the cherry on top – a pitstop break between exploring the first and second mangrove systems, on a white sand beach, surrounded by baobabs.
Nuarro has single and double kayaks – sit on top sea kayaks that can be mastered by both beginners and experienced paddlers.


Nuarro is a fantastic place for whale watching. The calm blue water and close drop-off allow for spectacular sightings of Humpback Whales (Megaptera Novaeangliae) during our winter months. Humpbacks can be seen from the comfort of your chalet, or you can venture out with us by boat for a closer encounter.

Whale season begins in July and ends in November, with peak season in August and September. Each year pregnant Humpback Whales migrate from the cooler Antarctic waters to the east coast of Southern Africa to give birth and nurture their calves, before making the voyage back down to their summer feeding grounds. Sometimes you can even hear the whales singing underwater when snorkelling or diving and our guests have even had the incredible experience of having whales approach them while they’ve been in the water – a life-changing experience.