Planet. People. Protect.


Nurtured Earth – Secured Future

From the start

When Nuarro was first envisioned, everybody involved realised that this would be somewhere that would need to live in harmony with its surroundings, and constantly evolve to nurture and protect the earth it was priveleged to call home, while at the same time fostering a mutually enriching long-term relationship with the community which had embraced this project.

Built with future generations in mind

The entire lodge runs on solar including the borehole
pump, water treatment plant, the diving compressor, the
cold- and freezer rooms, fridges and other restaurant and
bar equipment.

A dry sanitation and gravity feed water system reduce
both energy and water use, and impact on the
A water purification plant cleans the borehole water to
ensure safe drinking water (bottled water is
discouraged), and hot water is produced with
decentralized solar heaters.

Sun Powered

Committed to our eco ethos


(German pronunciation: [ˈhyːɡl̩kʊlˌtuːɐ̯]), literally mound bed or mound culture, is a horticultural technique where a mound constructed from decaying wood debris and other compostable biomass plant materials is later (or immediately) planted as a raised bed.

This is part of our gardening process at the lodge.


Spreading the wisdom of hugelkultur to our dedicated gardeners and talented kitchen staff, boosting the bounty of our fruit and veggie garden.
Hugelkultur breathes new life into exhausted soils. By burying organic matter, it nurtures the soil, enhancing its structure, water-holding capacity, and nutrient content.
From drought to a abundance. Harnessing the power of Hugelkultur in Nuarro and Beyond


Naurro’s green thumbs come together, sharing our boundless passion for gardening and revitalising the soil with love and care.

We nurture our produce garden by constantly composting and recyclying. Nothing goes to waste – kitchen scraps, cut grass and even seaweed off the beach.

Every seed which comes from our crops is saved for future planting and sharing.

Honey, honey

Buzzing with excitement as we harvest the fruits of nature’s labour. Witnessing the sweet rewards of hardworking bees and the magic they create.

From hive to jar, a labour of love unfolds. With every jar, we share the flavours and fragrances of our vibrant ecosystem.

Embracing the beauty of self-sufficiency, one drop at a time.

Arts, Crafts

Nuarro’s aim is to use all local materials and crafts in our rennovations, and to ultimately have many of these items available in our Arts & Crafts centre at the lodge.

We are encouraging our artisans to pass on their skills to the youth so they can take pride in having a skill and being able to earn from it.


Come and visit our weaver and tailor and witness creative crossovers taking place as our staff from different departments get involved in creating decor and designs.

Or request a design of your own!

  • Built 2 school buildings to accommodate around 500 children
  • Built a Community Centre
  • Provided the school with a solar system so that they have light for evening activities

Community Projects

Nuarro is completely committed to uplifting our community and, over the years, we have made inroads into helping the people of Nanatha through a number of projects.
We signed a MoU with the village of Nanatha and local administration for healthcare covering the following:


  • ANAN Clinica charity created by Nuarro’s owners to provide healthcare information and support (strong focus on family planning and education of new mothers)
  • Built a treatment system at ANAN Clinica to provide clean, safe drinking water for the village and children at the school
  • Built a maternity clinic, provided it with necessary equipment and refurbished old equipment


Of course, we cannot do this alone. We are blessed to have our “activistas” and volunteers.

The first objective of Anan Clinica was to provide the community of Nanatha with an education program on health subjects to improve knowledge about health, hygiene, and common diseases within the first year.

The program was set up by organizing a Village Health Committee (VHC) consisting of 15-20 people (the activistas). They are volunteers and had to get trained on subjects such as malnutrition, diarrhea, hygiene, malaria, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS, and family planning.

These problems cause the highest rates of mortality and morbidity and are relatively easy to prevent. The VHC is responsible for passing this knowledge over to community mothers.

Medical volunteers are supported by Anan Clinica and come under the following criteria:

Minimum age of 21, at the end of their bachelor’s or starting their master’s degree (including people taking a gap year), minimum availability of two months, enthusiastic and open-minded, fluency in English (some understanding of Portuguese a bonus)


Relevant experience in the fields of education, water, agriculture or finance, minimum availability of two months, enthusiastic and open-minded, fluency in English (some understanding of Portuguese a bonus)

Village Families Supported

Past Volunteers

Into 2024 and beyond
A very happy moment!

Nuarro Lodge &
iDE Mozambique

Press Release: First recipient of iDE Mozambique Innovation Fund Grant announced
iDE is excited that Nuarro Lodge is the first recipient of a grant from the Resilient Coastal Communities project
– November 30, 2023

So what’s it about?

In a nutshell, Nuarro applied for the Innovation Fund Grant from iDE in order to train pioneer farmers on organic farming methods, so that they may in turn train future farmers.

In a traditionally dry and resource-scarce area, growing conditions are extremely challenging. In order to survive, local inhabitants have cleared land of any viable plants and trees in order to plant kasava, their staple food source and a hardy grower.
This has resulted in depleted soil, erosion and nutrition lacking in substance.

When the concession around Nuarro was then a focus for deforestation by desperate inhabitants, we decided that education would be better than admonishment and so the idea was born.

After a rigorous entry process, whereby our proposal was scrutinised and tested, Nuarro was finally successful in receiving the grant in order to set up an agricultural training school, allowing for organic, regenerative farming specific to our area to be taught.

Initial duration (days)

Farmers to train


Of which must be women

This will be achieved through expansion teaching and community farms.

Sharing of knowledge…
In a short space of time, and under very trying climatic circumstances, we have cleared a shrubbed area for horticulture beds and row crops, and have also created 2 dams which fill during rainy season and serve the dual purpose of helping to prevet flooding as well.
These help to direct water between crops along specifically contoured lines.

The challenge of growing crops in an environment like this is daunting – 4 months of rain, follwed by 8 months of heat and dryness are not the most conducive to growing crops, but iDE believed in our tenets and training plan enough to give it the green light.

We will be sharing tropical agri-foresty studies, encouraging growing in harmony with what we are provided. The message is that if you support everything, it will give back to you and whatever is left goes back to the earth to enrich it further; regenerative farming.

We hope to foster a strong desire to adopt this for current and future value – planting, learning, teaching, keeping some produce to eat and sending some to market.

Empower, Cultivate, Sustain

Up-Coming Initiatives