Nuarro Lodge

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Where we’re from

In 2009 Nuarro Lodge opened its doors to guests from all around the world.

With people, patience, blood, sweat and tears, joy and frustration, committed shareholders and managers, the knowledge of many people and an investment of 4 million Euros, Nuarro Lodge emerged along a beautiful stretch of baobab-strewn land and untouched beach.

We did this
for the people
for the planet
for ourselves, because we love what we do.

Our People

When you arrive at Nuarro, the first thing you’ll notice – before the stands of baobab trees and sparkling sand stretching toward a bay of blues – are the welcoming smiles of our team. Some of these are the people who opened their hearts and homes over a decade ago, believing in the dream that was to become Nuarro. Others have come along the way, adding their vibrance and ideas and collaborative energy to enhance this special space even further.
Nuarro employs up to 80 staff members at any given time and most of our staff compliment were here from the very beginning – building the lodge from the ground up! Our People are invested in the future of Nuarro, our dreams inextricably entwined.

Our Managers

Our Managers

Meet Tyeya and Tim.

In March 2022, Nuarro was blessed with these two hands-on, world-wise, culinary virtuosos who have spearheaded a multitude of projects at Nuarro, warmly and gracefully guiding the lodge into a new era.
Our staff love them, we love them and we are sure you will too.

Tim and Tyeya’s hospitality is superb and we cannot wait to see where we go into the future, together.

For a little taste of their history, have a look here

Our Amazing Team

Our Amazing Team

The heartbeat of Nuarro is undoubtedly our staff. They are invested in this passion project which has seen many of them grow up before our eyes. Every single person contributes to the magical experience we dream of for our guests.

From the warm smiles that greet you upon arrival to the personalized attention at every turn, our dedicated team ensures that the thread of a friendly welcome is expertly and continuously woven into the fabric of your entire stay at Nuarro, creating bright memories that linger in the hearts of our guests long after they depart.

Where we’re going

In the realm of tourism, one has to constantly evolve or risk becoming obsolete. At Nuarro, the past few years have had us take a good look at what we dream of achieving and to now fling ourselves enthusiastically towards new horizons…

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