The Mozambique Collection’s Nuarro Lodge goes even Greener

02 September 2015

A busy lodge needs a larger, more sustainable state of the art solar system!

The addition of 42 more solar panels (10 kW) together a total 182 (38kW) panels and all new Victron Energy inverters / solar chargers now  allow Nuarro Lodge to be almost completely independent of generator use. And this with running an electric dive compressor, water treatment plant and cold rooms / freezer rooms at the lodge!

The village primary school and Anan Clinica have been donated 14 solar panels (3 kW) and Victron Energy inverter / solar charger and battery back up system. They have now light in their classrooms and can have evening classes and educational movies!

The water purification plant at the lodge turns water into crystal clear, thirst quenching water while at the lodge, saving the environment from the plastic bottled water.

Besides being environmentally sensitive, and looking after the surrounding local communities, the award winning Nuarro lodge is the perfect remote idyllic beach retreat. With the 2km white powdery beach that spans in front of the 12 sea facing chalets, shore entry snorkeling and diving (even Nitrox diving), remote picnic beaches nearby, Nuarro is the perfect beach holiday!

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