Local Community

Nuarro works closely with the local community Nanatha. This ensures that local people benefit from the growth of responsible tourism at Nuarro. This is achieved directly through donations and indirectly through the creation of jobs for the local population. From each overnight stay, $5 is donated to the local community and $2 from each activity. Several projects were funded from these donations including the building of a community centre and medical post and various projects in the field of medical care, hygiene and agriculture are being developed. Apart from donations Nuarro has a significant impact on the development of the local economy. Nuarro employs a total of 80 local people and approximately 1000 family members depend on that income.

From Nuarro you can easily go for a Cultural Village Tour where you can meet the local Macua population. Learn more about the work that Nuarro is doing, and how your stay at Nuarro contributes to the village and the community. Visit the school and meet the teachers. Have a tour through the Mosque, and wonder around to the football field, where you may be lucky enough to catch a competitive, but festive game!

The tour is taken by our community representative, Feliciano and takes around 1 hour, but you can really make this as long or as short as you like!

Community Centre Project

Together anything is possible!

The Community Centre is founded by the Anan Clinica Foundation. Anan Clinica is a non-religious charity set up by the owners of Nuarro Lodge.

The people of Nanatha set up Anan (Assoção dos Naturais e Amigos de Nanatha).

Nuarro sponsors the community, this creates a certain cash flow for the community projects.

Sponsored by the Dutch foundation Anan Clinica.

School Project

Before Anan Clinica none of the children went to school, from February 2010, 175 children are receiving an education from 2 teachers, paid by the government.

The new school is located next to the community centre. This was built just a few years ago. Virtually all children in the village get basic education.


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Health Education Project

Anan Clinica is focussing on increasing the local knowledge on healthcare related topics (e.g. knowledge of hygiene and sanitation practices) and the provision of basic healthcare in local communities. Good health is not only central to human happiness and well being, it also makes an important contribution to economic progress: healthy populations are more productive, live longer and save more of their earnings. Therefore good health is essential in improving the standard of living.

Anan Clinica is not working with intermediates but brings hands-on solutions that make a difference in daily life.

The first objective of Anan Clinica is to provide the community of Nanatha with an education program on health subjects to improve knowledge about health, hygiene, common diseases within the next year. The programme will be set up by organising a Village Health Committee (VHC) consisting of 15-20 people (the activistas). They are volunteers and have to get trained on subjects as malnutrition, diarrhoea, hygiene, malaria, Sexual Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS and family planning. These problems cause the highest mortality and morbidity and are relatively easy to prevent. The VHC is responsible for passing this knowledge over to community mothers.
Medical volunteers are supported by Anan Clinica.


Local People

Most of our Local People life in the village named Nanatha. 80 people are working for Nuarro and 1000 family members are dependent on that income.

Arlindo Viera

Arlindo Viera


Assuate Faquihi

Assuate Faquihi

Farmer & Fisher

Arlindo Viera

Fatima Martinho

Farmer & Activista

Leonardo Saide

Leonardo Saide


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