Eco Principles

Nuarro generates its own electricity and clean water using renewable energy. Building of the lodge started in 2007 and the owners of the lodge have over the years upgraded the renewable energy and water system to fit the needs of the quests, community and employees.

The lodge has chosen for a hybrid-system for a reliable generation of electricity with the lowest carbon footprint. Hot water is supplied with solar geysers directly to the buildings. During the recent upgrade the owners decided to install a new inverter and solar charge system.

The entire lodge can run of solar including the borehole pump, water treatment plant, the diving compressor, the cold- and freezer rooms, fridges and other restaurant and bar equipment. During the night the load is minimised by using timers switching off non-essentials to minimise the use of energy from the battery banks during the night.

ANAN CLINICA the non-profit organisation of the project donated a small solar system for the school and clinic with the help of Victron Energy and involved suppliers. It allows the community to have access to electricity on a small scale for uplifting education and health care in the community as part of the community based and sustainability drive of the project.

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