The Nanatha bay ends at a wonderful point known as Nuarro (which is how the lodge got it’s name). This formed from ancient coral rock which has eroded over aeons of time. In keeping with the local theme of the lodge, we decided on a local name, and Nuarro was the perfect choice. Click on the map to find more information.


Nuarro Lodge is located on the Baixo do Phinda peninsula in the Memba district of Nampula province, in northern Mozambique. The peninsula is virtually unknown to the outside world.

Marine Reserve – Nuarro lodge is comprised with the conservation of both land and the ocean, protecting hundreds of hectares of forest, mangrove and sea. The marine reserve was created in 2007 in common accord with the local community, to protect and recover the coral reefs surrounding the lodge. Over the years, the coral reefs have recovered, turning into a perfect safe habitat for thousands of colourful fish and stunning sea creatures such as nudibranchs, shrimps and many other invertebrates.

You can find the village woman are netting on the low tide and fisherman still catching fish on a wooden dug out, using both nets and line, the same method of fishing and way of living from more than a hundred year ago. Nuarro employees about 80 local people. The people are Macua.

The peninsula feels like an island surrounded by small private beaches, although conveniently Nuarro can be reached by car and does not require a plane or boat like an island.  There is also so much to do at Nuarro, besides water activities, guests can also participate in other activities such as mountain biking or even a trip to the lighthouse at Baixo do Phinda to enjoy the incredible views of the bay.

Access to the World Heritage Site, Ilha de Mozambique (Mozambique Island), is easily done by road from Nuarro Lodge, which makes a great combination package. Enjoy the history and culture of Mozambique Island for a couple of nights, either on your way to or from the pristine beaches and remoteness of Nuarro.

Nuarro Lodge is a green project which generates its own electricity and clean water using renewable energy.

Nuarro lodge supports local community initiatives and during the construction of the lodge we also built a community centre.

History of Nuarro Lodge

Nuarro Lodge, this all started with the dream of the owners. They want to enable people to experience the wonders and beauty of Mozambique and they want to achieve this is an ethical way.

During its construction, skilled builders, carpenters and electricians were employed to assist in the training of the local unskilled people, so that they will have the chance to empower themselves and improve their livelihoods.

Land, time, skills, money, enthusiasm and energy were invested. In return Nuarro brings to its neighbours and partners greater financial security and general social development. Based on an established memorandum.

It is an experience that inspire visitors, staff and the local community.

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