Diving in Mozambique

With direct access to the sea, the proximity of the continental shelf and pristine reefs, Nuarro is the perfect diving destination in Mozambique. Thanks to the owners’ passion for diving, we have a fully equipped PADI Dive Centre catering to all levels of recreational diver, offering a wide variety of dive sites from easy shallow shore entry to deep vertical walls and wrecks.

Read more about our various dive sites here!

Here’s what’s on offer:

  • Aluminium cylinders in 7, 10, 12 and 15 litre (DIN and INT)
  • A comprehensive range of rental equipment including Scubapro regs/BCD’s and dive computers
  • Wetsuits, masks and fins in a wide range of sizes
  • Wash area, hot showers and safe equipment storage
  • Trained local and experienced international staff
  • Fully equipped motorised dive boats with a full complement of safety equipment
  • Night dives including fluorescent dives (using UV lights)
  • Wreck dives in the Baixo do Pinda area.
Key facts:
  • Best time of the year: April-December
  • Visibility: 20+m, often more than 30m
  • Sea Conditions: very calm, protected bay
  • Ecosystems: Tropical coral reefs, drop offs, mucky (seagrass + sand)
  • Marine life: High diversity of reef corals, turtles, huge gorgonians, seahorses, shrimps and nudibranchs
  • Type of dives: Shore and boat dives, always exclusive small groups
  • Special dives: Fluorescent Dive, Night Dive, Rebreather Dive, Bio
  • We have ideal dive conditions for underwater photographers excellent macro, caves and gorgonias for wide angle
Diving in Mozambique with PADI
Diving in Mozambique with Nitrox

Dive Scooters

Our dive center has two underwater scooters and is the first lodge to be able to offer the Advanced Open Water course with Diver Propulsion Vehicle as one of the Adventure Dives. If you are already certified, you can join our exclusive scooter safaris and see how it feels to fly underwater.

Glow diving

Did you know that much marine life is fluorescent? We are pioneers of glow diving or fluorescent diving in Mozambique. Our calm water and easy shore entry allow excellent opportunities for night diving, so why not to discover something completely new?!
Your night dive and the way you see animals will never be the same! With the assistance of blue lights and special filters you will be able to see many marine organisms glowing in the dark, from coral polyps to crazy nudibranchs. Experience night diving as if you were at an underwater disco!

Fluorescent or “Fluo” diving has recently taken the diving community by storm and Nuarro is the first and only dive centre in Mozambique to off this experience to our clients. Chemical compounds contained in the tissues of many marine animals react to UV light causing them to fluoresce in brilliant reds, purples and greens, we take UV lights and filters on night dives to experience the reefs like never before! Be among the first to get the Fluo Dive bug!

Here an article about Glowdiving on countrylive.co.za

Rebreather Diving

Nuarro is the only lodge in the North of Mozambique offering rebreather diving!

We are a closed circuit rebreather (CCR) friendly dive centre and can provide boosted oxygen to 200 bar, sodasorb, training and support. With two APD CCR’s, we can provide a rental unit as well as guiding on CCR if you chose to bring your own machine. Contact us for more details.

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