Nuarro Bay is a dream for snorkelers. Snorkelling from the beach.

The Nuarro Bay is a sea life paradise with beautiful coral reef just a short swim from the beach. There are two reefs that are often used for snorkelling, these are:

Enupa Reef (house reef) – Shore entry: 100m swim, from 4 to 12m deep. Enupa Reef lays in front of the Activities Centre about 100m from the beach and is part of the Nuarro Marine Reserve. This is an easy and relax snorkel where you can spend lots of time around 5m but adventure down to 12m if you wish. Snorkel here can be done at most times of the day, but high tide is the best time as the entrance is easier. Photographers will be delighted with the macro life where they can spot many kinds of shrimps and crabs, snake and moray eels, nudibranchs, flatworms, and other marine life like gobies, egg cowries, butterfly-fish, wrasse, damsel-fish, blue spotted stingrays, puffer-fish.

Fish Alley, Boat entry, from 3 to 30m (in places sheer wall drops to 60m+). Fish Alley offer suitable conditions for all levels of divers and snorkelers. Therefore it is an ideal place to go when part of the group wants to dive and part wants to snorkel, everyone will leave the water with smiles in their faces. The shallowest part have a little bit of all, coral bommies, sea grass and the top of the wall. Coral bommies offer every one his own patch of coral with plenty of colours. Garden eels, cowries, ribbon eels, gobies, sand perches, mullets and puffers are found. This is a site where many fish come to visit cleaning stations; bi-colour and common cleaner wrasse compete to service the gills, skins and fins of all kinds of clients, sometimes not much bigger than themselves. Lyre tail and saddle back hog-fish are usually seen around as well as the Indian and African sand wrasse.

All equipment is available at the Nuarro Activity Centre.

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